Saajana Weekly Update: Misunderstanding Created Between Pratap And Rama?

In Saajana, Pratap sees Rama with Ankush and gets jealous.

Last week on Saajana, Pratap is getting ready to travel and meet Raosaheb. Rama bids him farewell. At home, Chingi is down with fever as Mami is tending to her and Rajkumar is helping her out with it. Meanwhile, there is a new proposal coming for Teju. The following day, Rama is home alone as the phone rings. Since, no one is answering it, Rama picks as Pratap answers from the other end. He keeps playing prank on her as she falls for it. He speaks to her nicely as Rama feels shy. After the phone call is over, both of them can’t stop blushing.

Watch the episode of Saajana below:

Ankush helps save Rama’s life from the goons. He then tries to get her back home, but she is hesitant to go with him. Finally, upon much insistence, Rama sits in his car and goes with him. Meanwhile, everyone at home is worried about Rama who is late than her usual time. As Ankush drops her home, Rajkumar sees them together. She is too baffled by the attack on her and she isn’t able to answer Rajkumar’s questions. Much after persuasion, Rama narrates the whole incident to him.

The next day, Ankush asks for Hari’s help to make Rama leave Pratap’s house the house at 8 in the evening. He is paid handsomely for the job by Ankush. Meanwhile, after Pratap returns home being angry at Rama. She tries to talk to him but he is rude with her. He can’t stop thinking about Rama and Ankush together in his car. Again as Rama approaches Pratap, he walks out but she stops him as they start talking.

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