Saajana Weekly Update: Pratap In Love With Rama, Refuses To Marry Adhya

In Saajana, Pratap goes against his parents who want him to get married to Adhya.

Scene from Saajana.

This week on Saajana, Pratap’s friends come to Rajkumar’s house to beat him up. They want him to apologise to Pratap because he tried to attack him. Mami is furious after hearing this and she forcefully takes Rajkumar to Pratap’s house to apologise to him. Rajkumar is reluctant to do so, but for his mother’s sake, he apologises to Pratap. The following day, Rama remembers Hari’s words warning her to stay away from Pratap. He tells her that Raosaheb, Pratap’s father, will burn her alive if he comes to know about their love affair. During this, Pratap comes asking her to iron his t-shirt but she tells her fellow maid to finish the task. This irritates Pratap as he walks away.

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Hari tries to get in touch with Ankush, but his father, Abasaheb, answers. In Ankush absence, Hari tells Abasaheb about Rama and Pratap’s blooming romance. Meanwhile, Rama is constantly trying to ignore Pratap. Understanding this, Pratap decides to cook food for the whole family. Manju and Rama start smiling secretly at Pratap after looking at his lack of culinary skills. He sends Manju outside so that he can spend alone time with Rama. Pratap tries to flirt with Rama but she doesn’t pay attention to him and steps out of the kitchen.

The next day, as Adhya enters the house, Pratap has a red rose in his hand. Thinking it is for her, she is flattered by this gesture. She tries to flirt with Pratap making him uncomfortable. Meanwhile, as Rama is the kitchen, Pratap tries to talk to her but she tries her best to avoid him. After escaping from there, Rama is praying to let her feelings for Pratap go away.  But, Pratap comes there and asks her the reason for ignoring him and he holds her hand. This moment is almost caught by Pratap’s sister, Teju.

Pratap is against getting married to Adhya as his mother tries to convince him. He is angry with his father for not taking his opinion into consideration. During a heated argument with his mother, Pratap makes his opinion clear.

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