Saajana Weekly Update: Pratap Tries To Beat Samar

In Saajana, Samar betrays Pratap's sister Teju and breaks her heart.

Scene from Saajana

Last week on Saajana, Baisaheb gives Rama and Manju new sarees to wear at the ceremony. They are very happy but Hari gets jealous looking at them get a gift. Manju taunts him and asks him to get over it. Pratap, too, is happy to see Rama get a saree. As they both are talking, Hari evesdrops their conversation. Pratap understands this and decides to investigate this matter.

Watch the episode of Saajana below:

Pratap tries to cheer Teju up by cleaning her room. He takes help from Rama who is working in the kitchen. They both leave her a note to make her happy. Rama’s efforts please Pratap who thanks her. The next day, for Rakhsha Badhan everyone is happy at Rama’s house. Rajkumar gets new sarees for Simran and Rama. During this ceremony, Pratap comes to Rama‘s place. As her family is about to make her tie Pratap a rakhi, Ankush Bhau comes and Rama quickly ties him.

The following day, Teju comes to know that Samar betrayed her. She is crying and heartbroken while Rama tries to console her. Everyone in the family is shaken seeing Teju depressed after this incident. Ankush brings Samar home to apologise to Teju who slaps the latter.

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