Saajana Weekly Update: Rama’s Name Cleared Of The Robbery Accusations

In Saajana, Pratap helps Rama clear her name.

Last week on Saajana, Rama goes to Baisaheb to tell her that she hasn’t been the culprit of the robbery. Rama informs Mami that she will find the real criminal behind this. Suman comes home and starts taunting Rama about the bracelet that she stole. The latter is hurt after hearing this. Meanwhile, through his friends, Pratap gets to know that his domestic help may be a snitch. Pratap decides to investigate this further.

Watch the episode on Saajana:

At night, during dinner, Pratap summons Suman and Rama. He is investigating Hari who has lied to Pratap and is the real culprit behind the robbery. Hari is fired and slapped by Raosaheb. Everyone comes to know that Rama is innocent. The next day Mami tells Pratap that Rama was deeply hurt by the accusations of robbery on her. Pratap replies that Rama has found an ally in him for a lifetime and he will always stand by her even if the whole village goes against Rama.

Suman is pissed that Rama returned the bracelet instead of using it. After Suman goes, Pratap goes to convince Rama to rejoin work. After much persuasion, Rama relents and starts going back to work. Following this incident, Rama and Pratap get close to each other.

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