Saajana: Who Is Behind Locking Rama And Pratap In A Room?

Rama and Pratap got locked in the room by a mysterious man. Seeing this, we can't help but suspect Abasaheb or Suman's hand.

Rama and Pratap from Saajana

You can count on Abasaheb and Suman to create difficulties in Rama and Pratap’s life in Saajana. Previously we have seen them make multiple attempts in sabotaging Rama’s relationship with Pratap; luckily all those attempts failed. Now, as if their efforts weren’t enough, we saw Rama and Pratap locked in a room by a mysterious man. Although we don’t yet know the identity of this person, we can’t help but suspect Abasaheb or Suman’s hand in this plan, too. What are your thoughts?

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

The romance in Saajana taught us being in a relationship is easier in real life than on the reel. Through Rama and Pratap’s blossoming relationship we witnessed the dramatic hurdles they had to cross. Although destiny sided them, the people around them didn’t. First, it was Aaisaheb who we thought wouldn’t agree but after seeking her approval, now Abasaheb stands in Rama and Pratap’s way. He is trying to drop hints to Raosaheb that his son is dating their househelp. Raisaheb, a strict father, wouldn’t hesitate in destroying Rama’s family and reprimanding Pratap. Along with Abasaheb, Rama’s cousin sister, Suman, dislikes Pratap and Rama. She has a strong motive of behaving in a cruel way with Rama. Knowing Raosaheb’s anger looks like. we know there is someone who is behind catching Rama and Pratap red-handed which is why that person locked them in a room.

Do you think Rama and Pratap will be caught? After truly rooting for them all this while, we hope they aren’t caught by Raosaheb. If you feel the same, then, tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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