Saajana: Will Baisaheb Reveal Rama And Pratap’s Secret To Raosaheb?

What will be the future of Rama and Pratap's relationship? Tap here to know!

To be or not to be in a relationship? This is a question which haunted Rama and Pratap for the longest time in Saajana. Even though Pratap tried to persuade her, Rama had her own doubts about getting in a relationship with him. If you were to ask us, her confusion was completely valid given the difference in their background. She feared Pratap’s father and his family who would take an action if they come to know Pratap is in love with their househelp. But, now it is too late to turn back as Aaisaheb caught Rama and Pratap together. After seeing them, do you think she will take action?

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

The recent episode of Saajana left us on a major cliff-hanger. In the preview, we saw Aaisaheb witnessing Pratap give a rose to Rama who was continuously blushing. Watching this scene, Rama’s (and our) worst nightmares have come true. We wonder if Aaisaheb will speak about this in front of Raosaheb who won’t spare Rama and Pratap for being in love. Aaisaheb has always been a strict mother towards her children, however, will her motherly love for Pratap come to his rescue? We want Aaisaheb to keep Rama and Pratap’s relationship a secret from Raosaheb.

Previously, Rama had been warned Hari and Manju about the consequences of getting in a relationship with Pratap. They had told her that Raosaheb will burn her whole family alive if he comes to know about this. Now, we have reached the point where the future of their relationship lies in the hands of Aaisaheb. Will Pratap and Rama survive the test? We would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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