Saajana: Will Simran Create Trouble For Pratap? Watch Video

In Saajana, Simran tries to run away from her house and she bumps into Pratap.

scene from Saajana

When we were kids, we loved running to our favourite shop to buy chocolates or to the river for a bath. But, when did we grow so big, that we started running away from our parents just for the fake promises made by strangers? This classic situation is seen in Saajana as Simran falls for Sandy’s trap which assures her of fulfilling her dreams. As the situation aggravates, she runs away from her house while Rama and Mani are at work. Are you curious about what will happen next in today’s episode? Stay here, we have the details.

Watch the latest episode of Saajana below:

In Saajana, Pratap and Rama’s love story is more dramatic that you have ever thought. As the couple is slowly getting to know each other, either Ankush is creating trouble or Rama’s cousin Simran can’t stop being annoying. Recently, in the promo shared by Zee Yuva on social media, we saw Simran trying to flee her village just to become an actress. However, her plan almost fails as she meets Pratap in her way who recognises her. Meanwhile, Ankush’s men who spot both of them together click their picture and show it to Rajkumar. A shocked Rajkumar gets to know his sister’s motive of getting out of the village.

Will Pratap be able to stop Simran from going to Mumbai? As seen in the last episode, we Simran has stolen valuables from the house to sustain in Mumbai. What do you think will happen in the upcoming episode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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