Saajana: Will Simran Put Rama And Pratap’s Life In Jeopardy?

In Saajana, Simran threatens to reveal everything about Rama's relationship Pratap to her family. We sincerely hope that doesn't happen.

Sometimes jealousy can bring the worst in you. The perfect example of this is Rama and Simran’s relationship in Saajana. Simran has constantly tried to pull Rama down after seeing everyone around them appreciate Rama. As they both are almost of the same age, Simran has always been insecure. But, this time, she overstepped her boundaries and is about to reveal Rama and Pratap’s truth in the family. As they live in the conservative village, this could cause stress to Simran’s parents, and Rama will have to face people. We wonder if Simran will reconsider her decision, instead, keep Rama’s secret to herself.

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

Rama and Pratap, who are in love, haven’t told anyone about their relationship. They feared the criticism that might come their way if any of their relatives get a hint. Now, seems like, their worst fears have come true as Simran stands in between them. She promised to teach Rama a lesson by revealing her secret. This shouldn’t happen because Rama has always been nice to Simran. If their relationship is out in public, Rama and Pratap would be distanced from each other. As we know, Rama said yes to Pratap after much contemplation. We don’t want their undying love for each other to be short-lived.

Knowing Simran’s attitude, nothing can be predicted. She could even start blackmailing Rama now that she has her secret. In this situation, what should Rama be doing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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