Saajana: Will Suman Ruin Rama And Pratap’s Special Day?

In the past, Suman has come in the way of Rama and Pratap's happiness, for selfish reasons.

Scene from Saajana

We are aware of the grudge, that Hari and Abahsaeb hold against Pratap and Rama in Saajana. They have consistently sought to destroy him, by going after her. Now, to add to the list of enemies, Rama and Pratap have to face Suman, who is equally annoying. The latter, who is Rama’s cousin, is looking to become rich by using the couple’s marriage as a reason. Since Pratap comes from an affluent family, Suman can use this opportunity to make demands from his family. Do you think she will cause trouble for Rama and Pratap?

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