Saajana’s Aaisaheb Shows Us Her Formula To Looking Beautiful!

It takes an army for our favourite actors looks this good on the screen.

Aaisaheb from Saajana

Our favourite pastime is watching makeup tutorials on social media and try to take inspiration from it. This never gets boring as there is always something new to draw inspiration from and show it to our friends. As much as we love to see influencers doing makeup, we love it, even more, to see beauty tutorials from our favourite celebrities. As if instinctively understanding this, the Saajana actress Pradnya Jawle Edke gave us a glimpse into how she gets ready for the shoot. Are you curious too? Check out the details.

Watch an episode of Saajana below:

We have seen Pradnya essay Aaisaheb’s role in Saajana. While she is in Aaisaheb’s character, we see her a big red bindi and light smokey eyes while her hair is tied in a bun. To suit her character’s persona, Pradnya always wears regal sarees as her hair bun is covered in a pallu. Till date, in all the episodes, we have seen Aaisaheb looking beautiful and prim and proper with never a hair strand out of place. Taking an opportunity of hair and makeup session behind the scenes, the actress showed us that it takes an army to look this good on the screen. In the time-lapse video, hair and makeup are done by artists with an eye for the detail.

Just as we are impressed by Pradnya’s acting skills onscreen, we have to applaud these hair and makeup artists for making our favourite actors look presentable in the serials. This proves that hair and makeup does play a valuable in getting under the character’s skin. After reading this, don’t you think Pradnya looks just as attractive on and off the screen? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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