Sameer And Tanya’s Jodi In Phulpakhru Will Become Your Favourite After Reading This!

Ashish Joshi and Trushna Chandratre's onscreen mushiness is all you need to make your day better.

Trushna Chanratre and Ashish Joshi caught smiling in Phulpakhru

Fans of Phulpakhru will vote Manas and Vaidehi as their favourite jodi. Although they are awesome, we think the most underrated bond is between Sameer and Taniya in Phulpakhru on ZEE5, which not many people talk about. To make these characters come to life we see Ashish Joshi and Trushna Chandratre essaying these roles respectively.

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If you love them just as much as us, let’s have a look at the best moments of Sameer and Taniya!

Ashish Joshi and Trushna Chandratre from Phulpakhru
Source: Instagram

These actors are twinning with their expressions. From the looks of it, they are severely judging someone for being a hot mess.

Phulpakhru actors Ashish Joshi and Trushna Chandratre.
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This a rare glimpse of behind the scenes shot taken on the sets. They look like those cool friends that everyone needs in life.

rushna Chandratre with Ashish Joshi in Phulpakhru
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Can you guess on what occasion was this shot taken? of course, the happened during Manas and Vaidehi’s epic wedding.

Trushna Chanratre and Ashish Joshi caught smiling in PhulpakhruSource: Instagram

Isn’t it said, “The couple that laughs together, stays together?” We fully agree. We want to know what inside joke these people are sharing.

On that note, comment below your favourite jodi from the Phulpakhru clan!

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