Shravan Queen 2019: Vallari Londhe, Manasi Mhatre And Girija Prabhu Emerge As Winners!

The beauty pageant saw prestigious performances by Shruti Marathe, Gauri Kulkarni and Nikhil Damle.

Time and again, beauty queens have shown us that beauty is more than just good looks. Your looks will take you only so far, but your personality will help you reach the stars and shine radiantly. The participants of the beauty pageant, Shravan Queen organised by Maharashtra Times aren’t any different. Coming together on one prestigious platform, these beauty queens confidently strutted down the runway and showed us anything is possible if you put your mind to it. The finale of Sharavan Queen 2019 was filled with excitement and razzle-dazzle as the stars of Marathi film fraternity put their best foot forward. In case you missed the finale, here is the winner’s list.

Watch the episode of Shravan Queen 2019 below:

As the day of Shravan Queen finale approaches, we can’t keep ourselves calm. We have seen these beauties groomed and their skills sharpened under the watchful eye of the mentors. After all, the diamonds have to be shaped before they shine brightly. Like the diamonds, our beauty queens are no different as their grooming sessions enhanced their personality completely. In the finale, we saw the winners of Sharavan Queen 2018 come to cheer these girls and pass on their crowns to the winners. These winners were Vallari Londhe who became Shravan Queen 2019 while Manasi Mhatre was the first runner up and Girija Prabhu stole the spot of the second runner up.

Shravan Queen 2019
Source: Instagram

This honourable ceremony saw Priya Bapat, Avadhoot Gupte, Mugdha Godse, Ravi Jadhav and Shivani Kulkarni judging the competition. Along with the girls, Shruti Marathe and Almost Sufal Sampoorna stars Gauri Kulkarni and Nikhil Damle gave a superhit performance. After reading this, are you excited to watch the finale? Don’t forget to catch it on Sunday at 12 pm streaming on ZEE5.

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