Sonali Kulkarni’s Ombre Gown Will Transport You To The Royal Era

The ombre effect is just not limited to your hairstyles. The Gulabjaam actress shows how to rock an ombre gown with utmost confidence.

Sonali Kulkarni.

In the realm of famous hairstyles, no one seems to get enough of the famous ‘ombre look’.  After this hairdo went viral, it gave birth to ‘ombre gown’, the next grand trend that surfaced the internet. Basically, it is an attire which softly blends two colours, making it look artistic. So, when the Gulabjaam actress Sonali Kulkarni exhibited her ombre gown on Instagram, we nearly broke into our happy dance!

Before you move on, watch Sonali’s performance in Gulabjaam 

With the overflow of gowns on the red carpet, it is pretty easy to lose our plot in picking the best one. However, Sonali’s outfit from The Almaree was hands-down the showstopper (or much rather, the Instagram-scroll stopper). With the plan of fully hijacking our attention, Sonali also jazzed it up with the elegant gold and diamond studded jewellery.

Somehow that entire ensemble transported me back to the royal era. In the end, wearing the gown, she definitely dropped it like it’s hot and we still can’t stop applauding the whole look!

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