Steal Manas And Vaidehi’s Funda To Make Your Relationship Spicier Than A Biryani

Hruta Durgule and Yashoman Apte from Phulpakhru will take you back to the old-fashioned love.

Phulpakhru actors Hruta Durgule and Yashoman Apte

These days, no one has the time to appreciate and enjoy the smallest experiences in life as they are busy capturing it on social media. But, recently, Manas and Vaidehi’s love story from Phulpakhru streaming on ZEE5 made us think of the old-fashioned love that existed before our life was documented on the internet.  Actors Yashoman Apte and Hruta Durgule give you hope about true love through the characters they portray. 

Watch Vaidehi and Manas‘ beautiful love story unfold in Phulpakhru 

Like them, if you are looking to add spark to your relationship, here are certain pointers that will help you in your mission! You are welcome.  

1. Write notes 

These days everything is a lot more mechanical thanks to the growing dependency on technology. But, for once, you can write down your true feelings for your partner and gift it to them. This adds a personal touch which everyone loves.  

2. Cook for them  

Who wouldn’t like a hot meal in front of them after coming back home from a hard day at work? It’s the definition of a perfect date and a lot more pocket-friendly than those expensive splurges we usually tend to do. 

3. Breakfast in bed 

If your partner is always cooking for you, then, give them a surprise day off from the regular jargon. Get them their favourite breakfast while they are still under their cosy blankets. Its dream come true and a perfect break as we live such hectic lives.  

4. Take them to where it started 

It is always heart-warming to go back to the place where your beautiful relationship with your partner started. Like, Manas takes Vaidehi to their ‘their’ spot where Vaidehi first proposed to him. This proves how far you both have come together.

Let us know which amongst the above you are going to try with your crush?

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