Taking Inspiration from Saajana’s Pratap, Here Are 5 Ways You Can Avoid Plastic

For starters, you begin using reusable bags while saying no plastic spoons and forks.

Now, more than ever, it is required of us to cut out the use of plastic from our everyday lives. Reading this statement might earn some eye-rolls as plastic items have become a part of our everyday norm, but saying no to plastic is not a choice anymore. So, today we are taking inspiration from Saajana’s Pratap who is an environmentalist and show you ways to replace plastic easily. By the time we are done, you will be all set to kiss the item a goodbye.

Before you proceed, watch an episode of Sajaana below:

1. Cloth bags are always there to replace your beloved plastic bags. You can fold these bags in your purse and take it out each time you go grocery shopping.

2. Did you know? It consumes a lot of resources and energy to manufacture a bottle of water. Opt for reusable stainless steel bottle instead. You might want to skip on the reusable plastic bottle or aluminium bottle as both of them are dangerous. Along with this, avoid using plastic straws.

3. Use your own mugs in office or at the parties, instead of using plastic cups. Even avoid paper cups as they are lined with plastic coating.

4. When you are eating an ice-cream, use a cone than opting for a cup. This move promotes zero-waste policy while lessening the garbage. If you are looking to pack your ice-cream, then, bring your own container.

5. You might want to cancel outside fruit juices and beverages. This would be a hard one to cut out of your regular diet. You could instead look for consuming fresh fruits than drink sodas or canned beverages. When it comes to food choices, try buying fresh bread rather than using plastic bread.

Along with this, you could use rubber gloves instead of plastic, use make-shift paper bags as your garbage bin than opting for plastic bags.

What do you think about the above options? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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