The Cast Of Vartul Enjoys The Summer While Keeping Their Onscreen Rivalry Aside!

Meenakshi, Soha and Tejas spent time together without fighting. We are just as surprised as you are!

scene Vartul

Even with sunglasses and scarves on, this nasty heat wouldn’t stop growing for the next month at least. As if to make matters worse, no amount of cold water can quench our thirst. Fortunately, sensing your problem, the cast of Vartul showed us how they are beating the heat on the sets of Vartul. It was a delicious surprise as we never thought they could be so close given their complex onscreen relationships. Are you curious? Have a look!

Watch the latest episode below:

In the show, the complicated love triangle of Soha, Tejas and Meenakshi seem to spiral out of control with each episode. As Soha seems oblivious of Tejas’s traps, Meenakshi has to suffer the harshness of it. However, this all is just the onscreen drama. Zee Yuva recently gave us a glimpse into the closeness the Vartul cast shares when the camera goes off. In the pictures, you have seen them enjoying a cup of ice cream along with mango drinks to beat this heat. More importantly, Soha and Meenakshi were caught in one frame.

You might have hated Vijay Andalkar while in Tejas’ role, but in real life, he is a goofball and much unlike the villainous character. Similarly, Jui Gadkari and Rutuja Dharap who are enemies on the show share a close bond in real life!

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