The Real-Life Relationship Of Almost Sufal Sampoorna’s Nachiket And Sai Will Surprise You!

Nikhil Damle and Gauri Kulkarni share completely different bond beyond the camera.

Nachiket Despande and Gauri Kulkarni

There is pretty much nothing better than seeing the true bond between our favourite onscreen couples. We are always keen on knowing if they are just as friendly or share the same chemistry when the camera goes off. So, when the Almost Sufal Sampoorna actor Nikhil Damle posted a picture showing what his real-life relationship looks with Gauri Kulkarni, we broke into a happy dance. In the serial, the couple is currently seeing sharing a love-hate relationship with each other. But, that is not the case in reality. Are you curious to see what it looks like? Read below!

Watch an episode of Almost Sufal Sampoorna below:

Since the beginning, Almost Sufal Sampoorna has caught our attention with Sai and Nachiket’s adorable characters which are played by Gauri and Nikhil respectively. This hilarious, yet a relevant, love story is becoming interesting with each passing episode. Due to this, they have easily become our favourite couples. Understanding our curiosity to know more about them, Nikhil shared a post showing how he and Gauri are on and off the screen. We have seen them be lovey-dovey towards one another while in front of the camera. But, in real-life, the leads of Almost Sufal Sampoorna share a healthy friendship with one another. Have a glimpse!

Nachiket Damle and Gauri Kulkarni
In front of the camera vs In real-life

Gauri and Nikhil are often caught posting pictures from the sets of the show. Even though Almost Sufal Sampoorna recently started, the whole team taken a strong liking towards one other. After seeing this, we would love to know what are your favourite qualities of Sai and Nachiket? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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