These Selfies Of Priya Bapat, Sonalee Kulkarni Will Make You Ditch Your Make-Up Kit

Abhidnya Bhave, Priya Bapat, Gayatri Datar, Isha Keskar will leave you speechless with their no make up looks.

When you’re constantly living and breathing makeup on sets, those times without anything caked on your face are to be cherished. Luckily, our favourite stars from Priya Bapat to the Marathi crooner Aarya Ambekar has cracked that code to looking excellent while wearing without a layer of makeup. When they are not followed by their army of hair and makeup people, these divas are seen embracing the little to no makeup look. Are you curious to know who these actresses are? Let’s have a look!

Before you proceed, watch Tula Pahate Re below:

1. Aarya Ambekar

Arya Ambekar
Source: Instagram

Our Li’l Champ and the Ti Saddhya Kay Karte actress is always seen flaunting her natural beauty onscreen. As a youngster growing in the age of social media, this is a powerful statement that her followers admire.

2.Priya Bapat

Priya Bapat
Source: Instagram

The Vazandar actress’ Instagram witnesses to a ton of minimalistic selfies. Here, it looks like she’s traded in her vanity kit for a coffee and happiness. A pretty good deal, right?

3. Sonalee Kulkarni

Sonalee Kulkarni
Source: Instagramnatural s

In this aztec print body-hugging number, Natrang’s Sonalee Kulkarni is wearing barely any layer of cosmetics as she is letting her skin show through.

4. Prarthana Behere

Prarthana Behere
Source: Instagram

Jai Maharashtra Dhaba Bathinda‘s actress Prarthana looks fresh in this early morning selfie. Looks like she has ditched her onscreen sass for this minimalistic perfection.

5. Spruha Joshi

Spruha Varad
Source: Instagram

A Paying Ghost actress shows her raw and honest beauty in this candid picture. Seeing her, it feels nice to ditch those products and let your skin breathe occasionally. Don’t you agree?

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