Things You Should Know About Your Partner Just Like Vaidehi And Manas From Phulpakharu

Out of these, #3 is a life saver.

Hruta and Yashoman

Vaidehi (Hruta Durgule) and Manas’ (Yashoman Apte) love story on Phulpakhru is something which the youth connects with easily. Both the actors enjoy a huge fan following, thanks to the popularity of the show. Their onscreen chemistry is giving all the new couples some serious relationship goals. While we are talking about relationship goals, the first and the most important thing you’ll hear about a successful relationship is how well do you know your partner.

Watch the episode of Phulapakharu below:

If you wish your relationship to be like the one that Vaidehi and Manas share, here are things to know about your partner for knowing each other better.

1. Life story

Love, at first sight, might sound interesting but it is more important to know about your partner’s past experiences in life. Be it love, family or anything that has left an impact on his/her life. This will help you in handling situations which has a connection with their past.

2. Do’s and Dont’s

Every individual has a list of things they get annoyed with and it is always on a positive side that you are well aware of every point on their list.

3. Favourite lists  

This will work as a lifesaver when you have unknowingly or knowingly managed to hurt your partner. A favourite place, music favourite food item/drink can better your partner’s mood.

4. Dreams 

To know about each other’s future plans and how you can be a part of that, you need to be aware of what your partner aspires. Because all they need is love and support from their special ones.

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