If You Have A Boss Like Vaishali From Phulpakhru, We Have 5 Tips To Deal With Her

Hemangi Kavi who plays this character is known for her onscreen meanness. If you relate to this, then, check it out.

Phulpakhru actress Hemangi Kavi in the still from the show.

Imagine getting the job of your dreams, only for it to become a nightmare because of a bad boss. It can be terrible. The perfect example of a bad boss is seen on ZEE5 in Phulpakhru through Vaishali’s character. With the sweet talk, Hemangi Kavi who plays the character has tried to sabotage Manas’ career. As sad as it is, this is very prevalent in the professional environment.  If you are facing a similar situation, then, here are the things that could help you.

As you read this, watch how Manas dabbles Vaishali’s meanness in Phulpakhru

1. Look through your boss’ lens

Before you go all blazing guns on your boss, you ought to know if that person is really as bad as you think. In confrontational situations that you have had in the past, you step into their shoes and look at the things through their POV.

2.  ahead of the game

Make a to-do list of the tasks you ought to complete before your boss comes to office. This way you can stay on board with the schedule. Be proactive in finishing all that’s on your plate before stepping out of the office.

3. Keep focused

Having a toxic working environment can be detrimental mentally. However, even the worst storm, you can’t let it show on your work. This your passion, your dream and you can’t let anyone steal the thunder. Just remember one thing: You have been chosen for that position amongst so many because you were capable enough for it.

4. Don’t be intimidated

The best thing for a bully is when the target is easily intimidated. Stand your ground, be confident, you know you are not wrong. Don’t hesitate to involve HR in situations like these.

5. Have a conversation

Confrontation may not be the easiest thing in a sensitive situation like this. However, you can have a one-on-one chat with your boss and put your issues up on the table. If those issues are really something that you can work upon, then do it.

On that note, we would love to know your favourite character from Phulpakhru!

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