Tu Ashi Jawali Raha: 5 Ways In Which Rajveer And Sadhana Can Rebuild Their Relationship

Rajveer and Sadhana have been estranged due to misunderstandings. Here're ways they can move on from the past and start afresh.

Rajveer and Sadhana’s relationship in Tu Ashi Jawali Raha has come to a complicated stage. Rajveer isn’t ready to let go of the past as Sadhana keeps trying to make up with him. After Sadhana abandoned Rajveer due to misunderstandings in the past, the mother-son duo crossed paths again, although at a very different stage in life. As Manva is trying to bring them closer, Rajveer is still full of angst and isn’t willing to forgive Sadhana. Seeing this strained relationship makes us feel sorry for them.

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So, we are devising ways which can bring Rajveer and Sadhana closer to each other.

1. Recognise your mother can make mistakes too

We see our parents like our own superheroes. But, we have to realise that our parents are humans too. They can make mistakes and take wrong decisions. If Rajveer thinks Sadhana was a bad mother to him, then, he needs to get to the root cause of his thoughts that led him to think this way. In this way, he will start empathising with his mom’s situation.

2. Don’t hesitate to apologise

There is no harm in acknowledging your mistakes and apologising for it no matter how old you are. In this case, Sadhana has already understood where she has mistaken and paid for it. Now, as the ball is in Rajveer’s court, he should be apologetic for humiliating her. Rather than punishing the opposite party for their insufficiency, Rajveer should think twice and treat Sadhana with respect.

3. Spend time together

After missing a major chunk of life being away from each other, Sadhana and Rajveer should now focus on spending the most amount of time together. They should catch up on the highs and lows of the other’s life. Find mutual interests and harness them together.

4. Patience is the key

If there is something negative that Rajveer has to say to Sadhana, then, he should instead take a deep breath and analyse the consequences of this thought. He and Sadhana should be patient as the first few meetings would be slightly awkward, so don’t force it. Start being comfortable in the silences as it might take time for the expected results. During this time, Sadhana can show Rajveer how much he means to her.

5. Don’t give up

Sometimes the opposite person may not behave as you have expected of him, but it doesn’t matter until you keep trying. Even though Sadhana’s efforts are hitting the dead end now, there will come a time when Rajveer will slowly open up. There is always hope since as humans we love to be loved by the people close to us.

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