Tu Ashi Jawali Raha: 5 Ways Sakhi Can Help Manva Out Of Her Current Situation

Under Rajveer's pressure, Sakhi seems to the only person who can reach out to Manva.

Scene from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha.

The best trend of 2019 is ‘women supporting women’… and we are all for it. Gone were the days when women tore each other down, today we celebrate women empowerment and standing up for your fellow sister. This trend was seen in Tu Ashi Jawali Raha when Sakhi reached out to Manva’s family in her absence. She tended to Manva’s father who suffered from a fatal heart attack. Manva, on the other hand, was suffering from Rajveer’s tantrums. A poor Manva had to sacrifice her family for her husband. Before you start feeling too bad for her, Sakhi showed that she has her back. Here are ways we think Sakhi can help Manva with her sad marriage.

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1. Be a listener

After suffering injustly at the hands of Rajveer, Manva just wants someone whom she can talk to. That someone can only be Sakhi who has been with Manva right since the beginning. When Manva starts to open up about her problems with Sakhi, the latter should just let her empty her piled sadness. Being in a negative space can pent up lot of frustrations, so Sakhi can just have an open mind while she hears manva.

2. Be compassionate

More than anything, a person in Manva’s place needs compassion. Rajveer may love Manva but his affection comes with unrealistic terms and conditions. Sakhi can slowly start venturing into Manva’s sore spots only then the latter will open up to her.

3. Show them they are not alone

After Manva opens up about her concerns with Rajveer’s behaviour, Sakhi can start voicing her own concerns. This is followed by showing that friend you have unconditional love and support for them. Manva should be shown that there are so many people who love her and she is never alone in the worst situations.

4. Be their cheerleader

After all the listening, you need to pick the person up from the ashes. Sakhi, being the closest to Manva, can remind her of her good traits and her triumphs. This way Manva will realise that she is a strong and confident girl who is capable of taking her own decisions. In this condition, she needs to hear that nothing is impossible which includes standing against Rajveer.

5. Show them you always have their back

Sakhi can clearly show her support to Manva. Tell her that she will always be there whatever time of the day to hear her grievances. Even Sakhi can be having a hard time watching Manva in this state, but with time everything will be resolved.

What do you think about the above points? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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