Tu Ashi Jawali Raha: Do You Think Manva Is Right In Ignoring Kaka’s Advice?

For the first time, Kaka's advice for Manva is right.

We (and social media) have been mad lately. For the first time, this extreme reaction is provoked not by political reasons but because of Rajveer’s dominating nature. In Tu Ashi Jawali Raha, Rajveer’s possessiveness has been the root cause of fights. Like a patriarchal husband, he prohibited Manva from meeting her parents while asking her to permanently cut her family out of her life. Grab your popcorn, because there’s more to this dramatic love story. Manva even accepted Rajveer’s conditions and deeply hurt her parents in the process. However, Kaka intervened and encouraged Manva to prioritise her family first.

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According to the rules of Mohite Patil family, Rajveer calls all the shots since he is the sole breadwinner of the house. After watching this, we can’t help but the feeling that we are back to school within its fours disciplinary walls. He intervenes in everyone’s life without anyone else having a say. Recently, he isolated Manva completely. A mean spirited Kaka understood this and made Manav realise that she has hurt her family. Although Kaka had ulterior motives in doing so, the point he made wasn’t wrong. The way Manva has been acting with her father has been humiliating for him. However, she quickly changed the topic and walked out of there.

Manva has decided to let her family know that she is breaking contact with them. We can’t help but cringe how bad they are about to feel because of Manva’s decision to follow Rajveer’s orders. In this dire situation, we would love if she takes inspiration from Vartul’s Meenakshi who has been learning to stand up for herself.

Manva would definitely love to see your support for her in the comments section. Also, after you are done with it, don’t forget to watch other Marathi shows that we have listed for you!