Tu Ashi Jawali Raha Weekly Update: Alaknanda Blames Manva For Revealing Things To Rajvir

Instead of being thankful for saving her from the photographer, Alaknanda blames Manva for everything that happened.

Manva from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha

In the last week of Tu Ashi Jawali Raha, we saw Sushmita comes at Nitish’s home to celebrate the occasion of Gudi Padwa and while returning, Nitish comes out to drop her home but Sushmita refuses. Nitish then questions her if she felt bad about anything. Sushmita then tells him that she felt good being with her parents and leaves and while driving back home she stops her car and throws away the gift she received from Nitish’s parents.

Watch the weekend in short episode below:

In the next scene, Bhosale finds the photographer who tried to get physical with Alaknanda and brings him to Rajvir. Rajvir then teaches him a  lesson in his own way. On the other hand, Alaknanda is angry with Manva because she trusted Manva with the incident but she revealed it to Rajvir.  Manva is in the kitchen with Kaki and she taunts Manva that everything happened because of Manva. She also adds that Rajvir shouldn’t have raised his hand and Manva is responsible for this as she should have kept the secret from him.

Nitish comes to meet Sushmita and tells her that his mother was teasing about her. Sushmita then tells him that even his mother asked her that if she likes Nitish and she said yes. On hearing this, Nitish is happy and goes to bring coffee. We see Sushmita smiling at she is fooling Nitish by lying to him about liking him.

Rajvir comes to meet Alaknanda to ask her why she didn’t come for dinner. She then replies to him saying she is not hungry. Hearing this, Rajvir tells her that it doesn’t matter if she is hungry or not but Manva and Mai are worried about her. He also tells her that she is grown up now and should act like one. Rajvir then tells her that if she wants to stay in the house then she has to abide by the rules. He also tells her that she has to first complete her education and then think of her career, until then, she is not allowed to pursue modelling.

Next day, Manva goes to meet the person who issued the notice to stop classes. The person then tells her that he has received complaints from the pedestrians and people who live in the locality that it is problematic for them. Manva tries to convince the person but he tells her that he knows what Manva is doing is for a noble cause but the municipal corporation needs the area for some work and tuition needs to be stopped.

Manva calls Rajvir if he can help in this matter, Rajvir tells Manva that she shouldn’t have gone to the municipal corporation. He then tells her to go home as he will handle the situation.

Will Manva be able to save the tuition? Will Rajvir help Manva to save it? Keep watching to know more.

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