Tu Ashi Jawali Raha Weekly Update: Manva Humiliates Her Family In Front Of Rajveer

In Tu Ashi Jawali Raha, as Rajveer doesn't want Manva to speak to her family, she abides by his orders.

Rajveer and Manva from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha.

Last week on Tu Ashi Jawali Raha, Alaknanda agrees to marry Rajveer’s business colleague’s son. Her motive behind agreeing to this wedding is to prove Rajveer is wrong and break his ego. Alaknanda’s brother reprimands her for this as he thinks she won’t be able to achieve it. However, since, even he is against Rajveer, he supports this. Meanwhile, Col. Ajay asks Sakhi to meet Manva as he wants to know about her well-being. Sakhi agrees and reports to them that Manva is happy in her life. Hearing this, Manva’s parents are relieved. Sakhi knows Manva is hiding something from her but she doesn’t reveal this to her parents.

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Everyone at home is surprised with Alaknanda’s readiness to get married. But, she doesn’t reveal the real plan to anyone except her brother. Meanwhile, Kaki calls a jeweller at home to select accessories for her daughter’s wedding. Alaknanda and Kaki haven’t informed Rajveer about this. Rajvir comes home in the evening and gets a saree for Manva as a surprise. She is pleased by this gesture.

The next day in the house, Rajveer is upset that Manva’s family has come to their house. He doesn’t want to see them nor does he want Manva to keep in touch with them. Manva promises that she hasn’t invited them but Rajveer doesn’t believe her. She tells him it could either Mai or Kaka’s family who have invited them over, but Rajveer rolls his eyes at this.

Manva asks Rajveer if she could talk to her family now that they are here. But, Rajveer emotionally blackmails her as Manva is made to ignore them. Even though Aai insists Manva to sit and chat with her family but the latter hurts her father as he confronts her. On the other hand, Rajveer is sitting and watching Manva’s actions. Meanwhile, at Alaknanda’s engagement, everyone is present except bride-to-be who is taking time to get ready.

After Alaknanda gets engaged, Manva’s father confronts her but Manva doesn’t talk to him or her own brother. Col. Ajay is humiliated and decides to leave. Following this, Manva is prodded by Kaka who wants to know the real situation. He shames her for not talking to her own family. Meanwhile, Kaka comes to know that Rajveer wants to get Alaknanda married within a month. He doesn’t like the fact that Rajveer is calling the shots, as Alaknanda’s brother tells he has a plan against Rajveer.

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