Tu Ashi Jawali Raha Weekly Update: Manva Protects Her Students, Ignores Rajveer’s Help

In Tu Ashi Jawali Raha, Manva fights for her students' education. Meanwhile, Kaka tries to extort money from her.

In the weekly update of Tu Ashi Jawali Raha, Rajveer is getting ready for work as Manva gets him coffee. She is very relaxed contrary to Rajveer who is silent. Manva tells him that Kaka is using his connection to help her out with the school problems. During this conversation, she receives a call from Sakhi as Rajveer doubts Kaka’s intentions and asks Bhosale to look into it.

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Manva’s parents are missing her as Sakhi reaches her house. The latter tells Manva’s parents that Municipal Corporation has sent them a notice to shut down the school. They don’t understand why would anyone have a problem with the school as Manva’s father promises to talk to her. Manva tells him Kaka is working towards this issue, but her parents are still worried.

Manva’s brother, Nitish has good news about his booming business. Meanwhile, Rajveer tells Manva that he loves her the most. As she talks to him about her school issues, he gives a vague answer. The next day, Manva bravely calls the students and starts teaching them on the footpath. She and Sakhi don’t want their students to miss out on their studies because their exams are nearing.

A scene from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha.
A scene from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha.

Kaka is thinking about extorting money from Manva. Meanwhile, Nitesh’s friend has expensive demands.  He doesn’t respond to it. Manva’s father is proud of her to have stood by her students and fought with the higher officials against injustice. Her father asks her mother to trust Manva.

A scene from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha.
A scene from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha.

Kaka tells Manva that she has to pay the higher officials Rs 10 lakh. She refuses to do so which disappoints Kaka who wanted that money. She reverts that she won’t give them the bribe amount and continue with her school. Rajveer doesn’t want Manva to go to school as the Press is waiting outside for her. Requesting him, she goes to school because she wants to stand by her students. Manva has the same reaction to the media who scrutinises this issue.

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