Valentine’s Day 2020: Manas-Vaidehi, Pratap-Rama- 5 Jodis That Made Us Believe In Love

Here's what makes our favourite couples so special!

1. Meenakshi and Abhi from Vartul

Meenakshi and Abhi from Vartul
Source: ZEE5

While running away from her traumatic past in Vartul, Meenakshi stumbled upon Abhi. At first, it took time for Meenakshi to truly open up in front of Abhi who was falling in love with her. However, as their love story progressed, Meenakshi and Abhi’s bond became rock solid and they truly made us believe in the power of true love. We saw Meenakshi was haunted by her past after she began her future with Abhi, but even the terrifying past couldn’t keep Meenakshi and Abhi apart.

Watch an episode of the show below:

2. Manas and Vaidehi from Phulpakhru

A still from Phulpakhru
A still from Phulpakhru

Manas and Vaidehi’s relationship which began as a college romance bloomed into something beautiful as the couple stayed with each other through thick and thin. Even when tragedies threatened to end their relationship, Manas and Vaidehi’s faith never wavered. It wasn’t overnight that they became #RelationshipGoals for their fans, but it was their unprecedented dedication towards one another which made them deserving of the title.

3. Pratap and Rama from Saajana

Rama and Pratap from Saajana
Source: ZEE5

No amount of words can encapsulate what Rama and Pratap from Saajana went through when they confessed their love for each other. From Raosaheb’s threats to Pratap’s family going homeless, they faced it all. Like the couples above, Rama and Pratap trusted their instincts and never left each other’s side. There were times when the couple broke up, only to bounce back together after realising how much they mean to each other.

4. Sai and Nachiket from Almost Sufal Sampoorna

Scene from Almost Sufal sampoorna
Scene from Almost Sufal sampoorna

Opposites do attract, Sai and Nachiket of Almost Sufal Sampoorna prove this theory true. The couple, who got acquainted with each other as neighbours, realised their feelings and confessed it. Presently, Sai’s grandfather, Appa is threatening to end their relationship but Nachiket will never let that happen. We know Sai and Nachiket will have a bright future together.

5. Aalap and Jui from Prem Poison Panga

Scene from Prem Poison Panga
Scene from Prem Poison Panga

Aalap is human, while Jui is a snake who has taken a human form in Prem Poison Panga. If their love story doesn’t grab your attention, then we don’t know what will. As Jui tries to lift the curse laid on her family, Aalap truthfully stays by her side without giving up on their relationship. This honesty and loyalty these youngsters have towards one another make us truly root for them.

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