Vartul: Are Atya And Soha Getting To Know Vikram’s Reality?

This would break Vikram and Soha’s marriage as Meenakshi will win!

If you think your chilli pickle is spicy, then, you have surely haven’t seen Meenakshi’s life on Vartul. A poor Meenakshi always has hurdles that are piling in front of her. However, surprisingly, everything is slowly falling into place after Meenakshi got pregnant. Soha and Atya are getting to know the true face of Vikram which was hidden all this while. Will this affect Soha and Vikram’s marriage?

Watch Vartul below:

In Vartul, Meenakshi’s past with Vikram doesn’t seem to stop haunting her. Although marrying Abhi brought a great deal of happiness in her life, but, that too was short lived. Vikram breached those boundaries and followed Meenakshi in Abhi’s house. He was supposed to marry Soha but Meenakshi tried to stop this union from happening. She didn’t want Soha to suffer from what she has. But, Soha misunderstood her thinking that Meenakshi doesn’t want anything good in her life. However, finally, Atya and Soha have started doubting Vikram’s motives after he has been caught red-handed in the wrong business. Atya saw him drinking while Soha understood his angry tantrums. After seeing this, we are not sure if Soha would want to go ahead and get married to Vikram who doesn’t really love her.

A scene from Vartul.
Source: ZEE5

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