Vartul Completes 100 Episodes, Here’s How The Team Celebrated!

Despite the playing opposite characters onscreen, the actors had a great time while celebrating completion of 100 episodes.

100 episode selfie Vartul

Vartul is based on the story of an orphan, Meenakshi who meets Abhijeet, a business tycoon. The two fall in love with Meenakshi’s simplicity and the two get married. Everything seems hunky dory until the main antagonist enters their lives. As the story unfolds we come to know that this character is Meenakshi’s previous husband who used to abuse her and has returned to take revenge. The roles of Meenakshi and Abhijeet are played by Jui Gadkari and Veekas Patil.

How will Meenakshi manage to overcome her past and save her present? Watch it below.

Vartul just completed 100 episodes and the cast and crew celebrated by cutting a cake. The actors of the show took it to their Instagram and shared a few fun moments. In case you missed it, worry not we have got you covered. Take a look at the pictures shared by the actors below:

Actor Vijay Andalkar who plays the antagonist in the show has posted a selfie with the team on his social media.

The lead actress also posted her picture as she was all set to go for the press conference.

Here’s the cake that the team cut after completing 100 episodes.

Vartul Cake
Source: Instagram

Despite playing opposite characters on-screen, the actors have a fun time behind the screen isn’t it?

100 episode selfie Vartul
Source: Instagram

Unlike other TV shows, Vartul has a different perspective towards the love story. This is why the audience loves watching the show. Who is your favourite on the show? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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