Vartul: Meenakshi To Reveal The Real Identity Of Tejas On Gudi Padwa

Tejas proposes Soha to marry him but Meenakshi comes in between and tells Soha that he is not Tejas.

Vartul Meenakshi

After the Holi episode, Tejas revealed his true identity to Meenakshi but not to anyone else. He has also threatened Meenakshi to not to tell it to anyone else he will kill all the members of her family including her and Abhijeet. Meenakshi then keeps the revelation to herself and constantly tries to find a way how she can stop Vikram from destroying her life again.

Watch the latest episode of Vartul below:

Tejas (Vikram) then tries to disrupt Abhijeet’s career by kidnapping his boss. He also manages to make Abhijeet’s sister, Soha fall in love with him. Vikram comes to meet Abhijeet and his family and leaves an impact. Tejas is about to get married to Soha and this is why Meenakshi is worried and wants to find a way to stop Soha and tell her the reality.

Watch the promo of the Gudi Padwa special episode below:

In the promo of the Gudi Padwa special episode, we see everyone is happy and in a joyous mood to enjoy the Maharashtrian new year. Abhijeet and Meenakshi along with the whole family are seen making arrangements for the Gudi. In the next scene, the Gudi is about to fall down but Meenakshi catches it and simultaneously Tejas enters the house. She then comes to the terrace of the house with Soha and purposes her with a red rose and asks her to get married. While this happens, Meenakshi comes on the terrace and stops Tejas and tells Soha that he is not Tejas.

Do you think Meenakshi will reveal his true identity or will she take a step back? Keep watching to know more.

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