Vartul: Tejas To Reveal His Real Identity To Meenakshi On Holi?

In the teaser of the Holi episode, we see Tejas referring to Meenakshi as 'Bayko'.

Tejas aka Vikram

On Zee Yuva’s Vartul we see how Meenakshi is ill-treated by her husband. Later she chooses to move away from him and live alone. After this, Meenakshi meets Abhijeet who understands her and falls in love with her. The two then decide to get married.

Watch the latest episode of Vartul below:

So far, everything is running smoothly in Meenakshi’s life but her first husband Vikram returns in her life with a new face and name. He returns as Tejas. He has not yet revealed his real identity and is known as Soha’s friend who is Abhijeet’s sister. Vikram has not yet revealed his true identity but things are going to change soon. We are saying this because the makers have shared a teaser on social media which shocked us! Have a look:

In the upcoming episode when the whole family is seen enjoying Holi, Meenakshi asks Soha to express her feelings for Tejas. We all know how Soha has started liking Tejas and sees him as her future husband but little does she know about Tejas’s reality. In the teaser of the Holi episode, we see Tejas referring to Meenakshi as ‘Bayko’ which her previous husband used to address her as. She then sees Tejas walking towards her and telling her that she found herself a new husband and she also found a new wife for him. With this teaser, the makers have left us with a lot of questions.

How will Meenakshi react after finding out about Tejas’ truth? Write to us in the comments section below.

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