Vartul: Will Abhi Forgive Meenakshi After Knowing Her Past With Vikram?

In today's episode of Vartul, Meenakshi tells Abhi about her first marriage with Vikram!

Scene from Vartul

The day that we were excitedly waiting for is finally here! In Vartul, Abhi finally came to know Tejas’ real identity and his first marriage with a mystery woman. Tejas had lied to Abhi’s family that he has come from France but, in truth, his real name is Vikram Rajashirke hailing from Solapur. A furious Abhi still didn’t know that the mystery woman who Vikram was married to is none other than his wife Meenakshi. But, in the spoiler, we saw Meenakshi tell Abhi after her past with Vikram. After hearing this, do you think Abhi will forgive Meenakshi?

Watch the latest episode of Vartul:

In Vartul, we have seen Vikram being evil towards everyone. Meenakshi was lucky enough to escape his captivity and find happiness with Abhi. However, Vikram followed her even there and tried to ruin her marriage. It was sad to see Vikram use Abhi’s sister, Soha, for his benefit to brew trouble for Meenakshi. He threatened to kill everyone from the family if Meenakshi ever told the truth about their marriage.

Being under this pressure, Meenakshi had to stay quiet. Finally, Vikram’s facade fell apart after Abhi got to know Vikram’s real truth. Meenakshi, then, disclosed her first marriage with Vikram. We really hope Abhi doesn’t take out Vikram’s frustration on Meenakshi. Unlike Vikram, she has been loyal to Abhi’s family and has thought about their well-being. After rooting for Abhi and Meenakshi’s marriage, it is hard to see them fall apart.

Do you think Meenakshi deserves Abhi’s forgiveness? We think she does. Tell us your thoughts about Vartul in the comments below!

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