Want Pretty Brows Like Prasiddhi Kishor From Aamhi Doghi? We Have A Magical Solution

The actress who plays Madhura from the Marathi TV show will help you sort your beauty routine naturally with these easy steps.

Aamhi Doghi actor Prasiddhi Kishor

You know half your job of having a pretty face is done when you are blessed with thick brows like Prasiddhi Kishor from Aamhi Doghi on ZEE5. The actress who plays Meera’s character on the Marathi TV show has her eyebrow game stronger than Popeye’s punch. But, unfortunately not all of us are born with pretty brows or some of us have overplucked theirs.

Before you proceed, have a look at Prasiddhi Kishor’s luscious brows on Aamhi Doghi

As you digest this, if you want to highlight your brows, then don’t fret. We are going to give you quick hacks to make your brows sharper!  

1. Oils 

Castor Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin E Oil and Olive Oil are amongst the many oils that help you grow your brows. All you must do is massage them on your brows and keep them overnight. Having ingredients like Omega-6 fatty acids and strengthening properties, they assist in growing your hair faster.  

2. Makeup 

Eyebrows pencils and brushes are your best friends. You could start by ditching your tweezers and letting your natural hair growth. Go on to brushing your brows and filling them with eyebrows pencils wherever you feel necessary. Pro tip: In eyebrow pencils, always opt for a shade lighter than your natural colour of brows. 

3. Vaseline 

As petroleum jelly moisturises and helps in growing your hair. It’s a Superman Solution that strengthens your hair when kept overnight. Be careful of the amount you apply, as it can cause acne on sensitive skin.  

4. Egg Yolk 

Don’t jump into doing this too many times a week, as if egg yolk is not washed properly off the skin can give rise to acne issues. On the other hand, just as you apply it on your scalp, egg yolk can lead to healthy eyebrow growth given the richness in keratin it strengthens weak hair.    

Looking to see more of Prasiddhi Kishor? Watch her get candid about Aamhi Doghi in an interview on ZEE5.

So, which hack are you trying first? Let us know in the comments below.