What Is The Story Behind Hruta Durgule’s Tattoo?

Hruta got inked on her birthday a few years ago.

Hruta Durgule's Tattoo

Hruta Durgule popularly known as Vaidehi from Phulpakhru has a loyal fan following. The actress is popular because of the relatability factor. We have seen the transition of Vaidehi’s character beautifully over months. The light-eyed actress is highly active on social media and loves to keep her fans updated. The audience is keen on knowing more about the actress. The Phulpakhru lady has a special tattoo which does make people wonder what it stands for but do you know the story behind it?

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After seeing initials, you might have thought that it is someone special in Hruta’s life. Well, the initials are special but not what you are speculating. Hruta’s Tattoo has three letters – HDP. Of this, H is for Hruta, D for Dhruvi and P for Poorva.

Hruta and her friends
Source: Instagram

Hruta dedicated her first tattoo to her BFFs as a symbol to their never-ending friendship. All three friends have the same tattoo on their wrist and in the same font. They got this tattoo done way back in 2014 as her birthday gift. They thought of doing it on friendship day which falls in August but it wasn’t possible so they decided to do it on Hruta’s birthday.  Hruta also mentioned that she would like to get inked once again but she hasn’t decided what it would be.

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