Who Said Only Men Can Wear Bows? Here’s Our Favourite Phulpakhru Actress Rocking It

Priyanka Tendolkar shows us how to wear bows with style!

Phulpakhru actress Priyanka Tendolkar

If you think bows are just meant to be worn by men on formal attire, then you are absolutely wrong. The fashion runway has proved that even women can rock a bow just as good as men in their own way. As if to prove this notion, we have Priyanka Tendolkar who plays Varsha in Phulpakhru slay in them, too.

If you are a fan of Priyanka Tendolkar, don’t forget to watch her in Phulpakhru

Through her social media account, she posted a picture of her wearing a bow necklace while looking obviously gorgeous in it. Like her, even you can wear a similar accessory on your hair too. Along with this, here are two bow styles that we have listed below.

If the neckpiece is too feminine for you then opt for a bolder style statement by fastening a bow around a crisp white shirt.

OR, ditch the basics and be the showstopper in the room with a pinch of EXTRA. You can take inspiration from the Tamasha actress Deepika Padukone.

These are two of the most common styles that we have listed for you. If your #OOTD is ordinary, a classic bow which will make your attire a solid 100!

We would love to know your opinion on bows in the comments below!

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