Women’s Day Special: 5 Inspiring Characters That Celebrate Womanhood

From Madhura to Vaidehi, the women on Zee Yuva shows are inspiring in more than one way.

Shivani Rangole as Madhura

Shivani Rangole
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Madhura from Amhi Doghi is the younger and mischievous one. She is possessive about her family that includes her beloved sister and her Mama. Her character is the perfect example of being optimistic no matter what the situation is.

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Khushboo Tawde as Meera

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Meera from Amhi Doghi is known to be very shy. She even moulds herself according to the environment. This character teaches us that there will be times when people whom you love the most will go against you but you need to keep calm and focus on what you do.

Hruta Durgule as Vaidehi

Hruta Durgule
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Over time we have seen Vaidehi’s transition from a teenager to a mother. In every shade, the character has surprised us with her practical thinking and positivity on Phulpakhru. This teaches us that with every new role you play, there are responsibilities which will add up, but don’t let it affect you.

Titeeksha Tawade as Manva

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The character of Manva from Tu Ashi Jawali Raha teaches us that love is never perfect and you can’t expect people around you to be what you are to them. All it takes is a bit of understanding, love and patience to make life better and beautiful.

Jui Gadkar as Meenakshi

Jui Gadkar
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Meenakshi from Vartul is shown to be afraid of her past. She thinks that it might some day disturb her present and ruin her future. But this fear does not let her down and she instead takes every possible precaution to make her loved ones secure. She teaches us that no matter how hard your past was, you should never let it hamper your present and future.

Suruchi as Gargi

Suruchi Adarkar
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The character of Gargi from Ek Ghar Mantarlela truly represents today’s youth and questions every tradition and beliefs. It is her attitude towards reality and practicality which inspires us to be like her.

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