You Will Call Up Your Dad After Seeing This Post By Pallavi Patil

The Baapmanus actress pays a tribute to her real-life dad on social media and shows her adorable side to us.

Pallavi Patil from Baapmanus

All daughters, no matter how old they are, they can never cease being daddy’s girl. You might have a strict mommy, but, you are the light of father’s life. Our favourite Baapmanus actress Pallavi Patil who plays Nisha’s character is also a daddy’s girl. Here’s what she feels about her father!

Onscreen in Baapmanus, we get to see the dark side of Pallavi Patil in Nisha’s character

In Baapmanus, Pallavi may not share the greatest bond with her father. But, in real life, she and her dad are closer than you and your BFF(s). Recently, the Baapmanus actress gave us a glimpse into her personal life as she posted a sweet video with her dad on Instagram. In the post, it is seen that she and her father are having a fun time playing in the resort pool. She has addressed her dad as ‘mitra’ (meaning: friend). Both are seen exchanging laughter while trying to hold their breath underwater.

Yet again, Pallavi didn’t shy away from praising her dad on Instagram for winning the honorary Acharya Atre Puraskar. He received this award for his work on the novel Swagat.

Pallavi isn’t going to let her hectic schedules come in between this beautiful bond. We are also sure her father must be just as proud of her as we are.

What are your thoughts on this father-daughter duo? We would love to know.

As you are adoring their relationship, the song Baba from the movie Ventilator will bring tears to your eyes.