You Will Love Vartul’s Meenakshi Even More After Watching These Videos!

Her fans are well aware of her lifestyle and personality, but here is one thing that comes as a total surprise.

Jui Gadkari with a beautiful smile

Best known for her perfect sunbai image in the Marathi TV industry, Jui Gadkari is a popular face. Currently, the actress is playing the role of Meenakshi on Zee Yuva’s Vartul. The concept of the show revolves around Meenakshi who runs away from her previous husband who used harass her and treats her badly. She then meets Abhijit who is a nice man and both fall in love with each other. Now that everything is running smooth, Meenakshi’s previous husband comes back and creates problems in Meenakshi’s life.

Watch the latest episode of Vartul below:

We all know that the Vartul actress is a good actress but did you know she is a good singer as well? The actress also loves singing and often shares videos where she is seen singing. Her singing is something which can give a tough competition to many in the industry. Take a look at some of her singing videos below:

The best reason for every artist to express his emotions is when they feel happy! Our actress is no different.

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आज शिवजयंती! शिवकल्याणराजा मधील “गुणी बाळ असा” च्या २ ओळी खास तुमच्यासाठी!!! हे गीत “गोविंदाग्रज” म्हणजेच राम गणेश गडकरी यांनी लिहीले आहे!! म्हणजेच माझ्या पणजोबांनी हे लिहीलय त्याचा आनंद वेगळाच!! आपल्या दैवतावरचं हे गीत तुमच्यासाठी! #instagram १ मि. वर गाणं अपलोड होत नाही म्हणुन फक्त २नच ओळी!! Please see the full video of this song on my IGTV!! #जयशिवराय #actress #juigsings #blackandwhite #juigadkari #marathimulgi #me #singing #love #musicvideo #vartul #meenakshi @zeeyuva #shivajayanti #singing #song #marathi #marathas #maharaj

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She also dedicated a song on the auspicious occasion of Shivaji Jayanti and crooned “Guni Baal Asa”.

Not only Marathi but the actress also loves to sing Sufi songs and here is the best example of her singing skills.

While singing one of the songs, the actress wrote, “While sharing the video she wrote, “I sing when i am happy.. i sing when i am sad.. i sing when i m okok.. i sing.. i sing it out… singing one of my favourite songs.. watch the whole video on igtv. And so let me know how it is! Panchamda, asha baai and gulzaar at their best #ijaazat #merakuchsamaan” Did you enjoy Jui’s rendition of the popular song? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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