You Will Nod Your Head In Approval As Chi Va Chi Sau Ka Rightly Explores This Point

Wearing heavy lehengas is all fun and games when you can't stop sweating!

Mrinmayee Godbole and Lalit Prabhakar on the Chi Va Chi Sau Ka poster.

The drama begins when you confess to the family that you are ready to get married. After the revelation, comes the months of preparation from choosing the dress to the right eyeliner. Everything has to be perfect. Whoever said, “Imperfection is beauty”, pretty much didn’t know what they were talking about.

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However, amid all the chaos, one thing that is conveniently overlooked is the irritating jewellery and the heavy dresses that come with it. To top it off, unlike the right ‘Murat’ of the marriage, the climate in India doesn’t support the heavy gowns and lehengas. The Marathi film, Chi Va Chi Sau Ka on Zee5, rightly captures this when friends of Savitri and Satyaprakash are getting married. As happy as they are for their official union, the heat and uncomfortable lehengas are partly killing the atmosphere.

A still from the movie Chi Va Chi Sau Ka.
A still from the movie Chi Va Chi Sau Ka.

Clearly, whoever invented weddings clothes did not have ‘comfort’ as a part of their dictionary.  As you nod your head agreeing to this (which I know you are), let’s give Chi Va Chi Sau Ka a round of applause for portraying major underrated point.

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