Yuva Dancing Queen Promo: The Cast Of Almost Sufal Sampoorna Makes An Appearance

The cast of Almost Sufal Sampoorna has a blast on the stage of Yuva Dancing Queen. Check for more details inside.

Yuva Dancing Queen is a popular dance reality show streaming exclusively on Zee Yuva. The contestants of the show belong to the Marathi entertainment industry background as well as other streams. They compete against each other to ultimately win the prestigious Yuva Dancing Queen crown. Each performance is unique and electrifying. The performers’ prowess in dance can be seen through their enthralling moves.

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In the recent episode, the stage of Yuva Dancing Queen was graced by the cast of Almost Sufal Sampoorna. Suchitra Bandekar, a renowned Marathi actress also made an appearance. Host Adwait Dadarkar tried to pull her leg, and she gave him a perfect reply which made everyone burst into laughter. Later, Adwait, Nikhil Damleand Mayur Vaidya,  played a fun game. Their expressions while playing this game were so hilarious that it will surely leave you into splits. Here is a sneak peek of the episode , check it out!

Looks like the cast of Almost Sufal Sampoorna truly had a blast and this episode would be an exciting one to watch. What say, viewers? Tell us what you think of this promo in the comments section below and stay tuned for more updates!

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