Yuva Singer Ek Number: Brace Yourself For A Fun-Filled Finale, Video Inside!

Do you think your favourite contestant will win Yuva Singer Ek Number?

Scene from Yuva Singer Number

In Yuva Singer Ek Number, the contestants always steal the limelight with their remarkable performances. Right since the beginning of the singing reality show in August, we have time and again been surprised by the soulful voices of these contestants. In the journey, we saw them improving themselves with the help of the essential critic by the judges. Now, as the reality show is reaching the end, brace yourself for the finale which holds surprises just for your entertainment.

Watch an episode of Yuva Singer Ek Number below:

During the days, when Yuva Singer Ek Number used to stream on ZEE5, we used to be excitedly waiting for it. This singing competition became one of our favourite shows and proved to be a healthy break from the dramatic soap operas. We got so used to it that we almost forgot that it soon going to end. Knowing how important it has become from the audience’s perspective, Yuva Singer Ek Number will make sure it finishes with a bang. The finale, which will be attended by Sharad Pawar and his family, will have performers making him smile with their fun commentary. Check out the video!

Seeing this video makes us realise how much we are going to miss watching our favourite reality show. Not only our favourite contestants, but we are also going to remember Mrunmayee Despande’s sweet commentary and the special performances that were arranged just for us. Are you excited to see the finale just as much as us? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Don’t forget to watch it on the 10th of November at 7 pm.

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