Yuva Singer Ek Number: Watch Neha Keke Impress Vaibhav Mangle With Her Performance!

Yuva Singer Ek Number's performer Neha Kene becomes the star of the night as she receives a standing ovation.

Music helps you establish connections that you didn’t think could happen. Music makes it possible for you to converse without having to speak. Fitting in this category perfectly, Yuva Singer Ek Number entertains you through the voices of various singers. With each episode, these performers try to supersede their own expectations and give a brilliant performance. One such performance given by Neha Kene made us stop everything that we were doing and just listen to her sing.

Watch an episode of Yuva Singer Ek Number below:

When you see Neha, you won’t believe a little child her age would be a powerhouse of talent. But, as she comes on the stage, her voice will make you stop in your path and just hear her out. Neha sang the famous song ‘Mi raat taakli, mi kaat taakli’ from Jait Re Jait. After witnessing her croon, the judges were so enamoured by her voice that they showered her with compliments and gave her a standing ovation. Watch the video below.

Neha belongs to the Warkari community from Maharashtra. As she finished her performance, the Warkaris were quick to praise Neha while being proud of her work. After reading this, we are sure you must want to keep watching more such mindblowing performances. For that, don’t forget to tune into Yuva Singer Ek Number.

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